PEB Extreme UV Stabilized PE Beverage Hose
Tuesday, 21 August 2012 19:17
  • PEB Extreme UV Stabilized PE Beverage Hose specially formulated for superior UV resistance to microbial growth in outdoor or direct sunlight installation.
  • Hose is made from premium grade FDA and NSF-51 listed materials.
  • The combination of the EVA cover and the Polyethylene tube material have been carefully selected for low taste and odor properties, superior flexibility, clarity and high environmental stress cracking resistance.
  • Remote indoor or outdoor connections to the various equipment listed below
  • Soft drink fountain machines for retail and commercial dispensing
  • Water service (potable) both carbonated and non-carbonated
  • Dairy product dispensing machines
  • Food product distribution and dispensing
  • Draught beer, wine and liquor distribution and dispensing systems
Last Updated on Tuesday, 21 August 2012 19:38